Using Tracking URLs in Your Badging Program

Updated 4/19/23

Building a successful badging program is both a large investment in time and money—that’s not lost on us! So it’s important to determine a way to report on both your program’s success and overall impact to the business. While Credly provides you with easy access to your general program performance via the Analytics dashboard, it’s much harder to track and calculate how your badging program has impacted the company at large. 


As part of the Credly network, your program benefits from millions of platform visitors each day. These consumers are earning, validating and searching for their next achievement. Coupled with the views received from your own earners sharing their badges, your program is getting countless views, impressions and click throughs; the Credly platform is helping you track those. However, what happens once an earner leaves the Credly platform? Are you able to track what actions someone takes on your website? How many people sign-up? This is possible using website analytics solutions like Google Analytics.


How Google Analytics Might Help


Google Analytics is a popular website analytics platform that helps companies track website visits and source traffic. It does this by using tracking URLs, known as UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module), to determine where a site visitor is coming from. These UTMs are often used by marketing and advertising teams to track the success of a marketing campaign—but they can also be used to track the success of a badging campaign.


Please note, your website must have Google Analytics installed to leverage the benefits of UTMs.


Create a UTM link and add to your badge template metadata to be able to attribute website traffic back to your badging program.

An example of a UTM code applied to the learn more link

In Google Analytics you’ll then be able to see how many website visitors are coming from your badging program. 

an example of what a Google Analytics dashboard might look like in determining source and medium

If it’s part of your marketing teams’ website analytics strategy, you could attribute certain website actions—like program sign-ups—back to your badging program via Google Analytics website events or goals.


Whether your marketing teams use Google Analytics or another website analytics platform, there are multiple ways you can leverage these resources to help you report on the success of your badging program.


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